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Standing Big Boy with slingshot

Over the years, Frisch’s Big Boy, also known as the East Coast Big Boy, has greeted guests with his happy smile and our signature Big Boy hamburger. Read more about this brand icon here. Better yet share your Big Boy story and photos.

Discover More About Big Boy

Big Boy Through the Years

1946 Big Boy

Dave Frisch introduces the Big Boy Sandwich

1947 Frisch's Big Boy Street Sign

Bob Wian, founder of Big Boy, and Dave Frisch sign licensing agreement

1982 Big Boy Banks

Frisch's Big Boy trades in striped overalls for a checkered pair

1992 Big Boy Statue

Big Boy loses his prized slingshot

Big Boy - 2006

Frisch's celebrates 60 years of Frisch's Big Boy with a create your own Big Boy Bank contest

Big Boy 2013 Reds Statue

Frisch's Big Boy, #46, debuts at Great American Ball Park- an instant fan sensation. Retired 2016.

Big Boy 2016 Logo Changes

Frisch's debuts a new friendlier and slimmer Big Boy

Big Boy 2017 Statue Logo

Frisch's Big Boy returns to striped overalls and finds his beloved slingshot

2017 Big Boy Reds Statue

The new Frisch's Big Boy #46 at Great American Ball Park

Big Boy Gallery

Big Boy: the icon

Big Boy has had a storied career—some would even call him an icon. He inspires art. He brings families together for photographs. He always maintains a positive attitude (actually, come to think of it, no one has ever seen a frown on his face). There have been many worthy tributes to Big Boy over the years and we’d like to share a few of them, here with you, in the Hall of Big Boy.

Big Boy Art

Throughout his 70 year career, Frisch's Big Boy has been featured in advertising, the subject or interpretative art and valued as a collectible by man of his fans. This page is a gallery of Frisch's Big Boy imagery as interpreted by his fans and followers. Featured items change frequently so come back for a visit soon.

Big Boy Banks

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Big Boy Sandwich in 2006, Frisch's Big Boy employees created themed variations of our favorite Boy. Spend a few minutes admiring the Frisch's team's handiwork.

Big Boy: In The News

When you are an internationally recognized icon and stand 8 feet 6 inches tall you make news. Here are some of the highlights from the exciting life and times of Frisch's Big Boy

Big Boy Menus

Frisch's Big Boy embodies the best of Frisch's Big Boy restaurants . His happy smile, eager to please twinkle in his eye and galloping feet have greeted customers from the covers of our menus throughout the decades. The gallery below shows America's happiest Boy serving America's favorite hamburger.

Big Boy Coloring Sheets

As many Frisch's Big Boy customers will tell you Frisch's Big Boy and crayons are made for each other. Our young dining room guests have decorated many of Big Boys adventures in blue and green and red. Here are four of our favorite coloring sheets for you to download. We invite you to share your creation with us.

Share Your Big Boy

Frisch's Big Boy is intended for guests and fans to photograph, share , color and make their own. Over the decades we have heard from many of you and seen thousands of pictures with your Big Boy. We invite you to share your stories, drawings and anecdotes with the Frisch's community.

Building Big Boy

Building Big Boy

Watch Here

Pirate Bank

Frischs Big Boy Menu 3

New-look Big Boy, menu and restaurant changes for Frisch's

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Frischs Big Boy Menu 11

Wow! Take a Look at What the Covington Frisch's Looks Like Now!

Ready Full Story

Frischs Big Boy Menu 8


Download the Coloring Sheet

The Artist Bank

Uncle Big Boy Bank

Fate of Big Boy

Surfs Up Dude Bank

Win Place Or Show Bank

Ava's Drawing

Download the Coloring Sheet

Makeover transforms Big Boy into 'buff boy'

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Frischs Big Boy Menu 7

Ava's Drawing

Icon By Tony Dotson

Status of LibertyBank

Big Boy Pitch

Download the Coloring Sheet

Big Boy Not So Big

Big Boy Isn't So Big Anymore

Frischs Big Boy Menu 1

Frisch's Big Boy Advertisement 1961 Cincinnati Policeman's Ball

Frischs Big Boy Menu 4

Big Boy Bicentenial

Big Boy celebrates Cincinnati's Bicentennial

Playground Coloring Sheet

Download the Coloring Sheet



Download the Coloring Sheet

Frischs Big Boy Menu 9

Gift Certificate

Big Boy Gift Certificate

Frischs Big Boy Menu 5

Big Boys Here

Download the Coloring Sheet

Elvis Bank

Big Boy Food Fight

Food Fight By Tony Dotson

Tony is a self-taught outsider artist.

He describes his painting like this, “”I paint like a 6-year-old with an adult theme, and try to tell a simple story with each piece.”” His art is made from found objects, reused goods, and junk that other people don’t want.”

Pot of Gold Bank

Frischs Big Boy Menu 10

Gone Fishing Bank

Download the Coloring Sheet

Frisch's Big Boy Puzzle

Frischs Big Boy Menu 2

Being a Big Boy

Frischs Big Boy Menu 6

1952 Cincinnati Enquirer Advertisement

Reds Bank

Bakes The BEst

Share Your Big Boy Moments

We invite you to share your stories, drawings and anecdotes with the Frisch's community.

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Big Boy Footer Image
Big Boy FAQs

Q: How Tall is a Frisch's Big Boy statue?

A: Frisch's Big Boy stands 7 feet 8 inches tall.

Q: How much does a Big Boy Statue Weigh?

A: Frisch's Big Boy statues weigh 230lbs- surprisingly light for someone who stands 7 feet 8 inches tall!

Q: Why does Cincinnati Reds Frisch's Big Boy wear number 46 ?

A: To commemorate 1946, the rookie year for the Big Boy sandwich at Frisch's.