Caring forthe Environment

Throughout the Frisch’s organization, we are mindful on how our business practices affect the environment.   In addition to maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations, our teams work diligently to ensure that our suppliers are also equally compliant.

Our Chicken Promise

Frisch’s Big Boy is making the commitment to improve the well-being of farm animals. There’s much work to do, and Frisch’s is beginning its focus with chicken farms. By 2024 or sooner, Frisch’s will only source chicken from farms that have earned Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification or farms that are certified by another third-party audited animal welfare program that meets GAP standards on breed and housing conditions (light, litter, space, and enrichment). Additionally, by 2024, all Frisch’s chicken will be processed using CAS, widely considered as more humane. Further details will be available as Frisch’s expands its promise to the welfare of animals.

Our Concern for Animals

We believe in and support efforts within and outside of our industry to improve the welfare of farm animals.  Frisch’s accounts for only a small fraction of the animal-based products purchased each year in the U.S., making our ability to impact industry-wide practices somewhat limited. Regardless, we will continue to explore opportunities to improve the treatment of farm animals within the context of our business and the industry.

One area we are focused on is egg production.  Frisch’s began sourcing cage-free eggs in 2016 and is moving toward a goal of 100% cage-free eggs by 2025.

The Environment

We’re regularly looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment through improvements in how we supply, design, build and maintain our restaurants.

Recent Environmental Initiatives

  • Water wells at serving stations that reduce water usage
  • Recycling of various materials used in the production and distribution of food
  • Energy generated from renewable sources


We source a large amount of paper and plastic goods for our restaurants. In choosing vendors, we not only consider quality and price, but we are also beginning to look at other factors, including:

  • How much-recycled content was used
  • What type of bleaches and/or dyes were involved
  • What type of inks were used

By working with vendors who share our interest in and commitment to good practices, we hope to — over time — improve the environmental attributes of the goods we purchase.

Strides in our “to go” orders: We have removed most of the polystyrene packaging products used and replaced it with 100% recyclable packaging. This allows safe and clean transport, as well as reduces our impact on the local landfills.

More To Come:

Our commitment to our community and making mindful decisions regarding the environment is ongoing.  We will share the changes and progress we make in our business practices with our employees and our guests.

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